Mensa tests - how to join?


Everybody must have already heard about Mensa - the high IQ society. But how can you actually become a member of Mensa? This is a question that not everyone can answer.

Mensa is an organization and a community of the most intelligent people around the world. It consists of Mensa International that oversees national Mensa organizations in specific countries. The goal of Mensa is to create a highly stimulative intelligent environment where members could network and use the intelligence in favor of the human race.

But how does Mensa select its members? It's easy, all you need to do is to be within 2% of the most intelligent people (which varries between countries). Mensa uses specially prepared IQ test, which you must pass checked by a certified Mensa member. You can apply for these tests on local Mensa websites. But this has some disadvantges: First, you must sign up for this well in advance and you must get to the specified location in the specified time. You can also try this IQ test a few times in your life, and must have a certain amount of time p ause between tests.

But if you want to test your IQ online, do you also have an option? Not for the IQ test that gives you a direct membership of Mensa if you score high, for this you still need to go to the local Mensa, and register for the test. However, our online IQ tests, which can be found on our website are also developed by one of the local Mensa organizations so the structure and accuracy are the same as taking the test officially. And it gives you many advantages: convenience to do the test from home, instant results, comparisons with friends and across nations, and much more. So what about trying this online IQ test, and if you score high enough, you can always sign up for the official local Mensa IQ test?